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Simplify Issuers and Investors - SURABAYA, 25-01-2019

Issuers or companies seeking capital in the stock exchange are optimistic that the second amendment to the Peraturan Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (POJK) Regulation Number 32 of 2014 concerning the Plans and Implementation of Public Meetings of Public Company Shareholders can be profitable. Because, the performance of issuers can be more efficient.

East Java Representative of the Asosiasi Emiten Indonesia (AEI) Agustinus Agus Sunarto explained, the changes in the regulation were inseparable from rapid technological developments. OJK will also make improvements by emphasizing the use of technology.


"Well, with the development of technology, the issuer must also be willing to change," he said yesterday (1/24).


One of the improvements in the regulation is that power can be given to shareholders electronically through an e-proxy platform. According to him, 40 issuers in East Java are currently awaiting ratification of the regulation. Moreover, OJK has obliged issuers to have a web company.


Meanwhile, Head of KSEI's Research and Business Development Division Dian Kurniasarie stated that the study of e-proxy (electronic proxy) and e-voting (electronic voting) platforms was carried out since 2016. KSEI prepared an infrastructure system to support the implementation of e-proxy and e-voting since 2017 and completed in 2018.


"So, the system is ready, which is adjusted to the rules of the OJK," he said.


At present it will see whether the actors, especially those of the issuers, need system development or not. '' So, when it is implemented, all parties are ready, 'he said.


Investors also benefit from the existence of the system. Based on KSEI data in 2018, 73 percent of capital market investors are domiciled in Java. The majority of the GMS are located in Jakarta.


Throughout 2018, out of around 600 issuers listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, there are around 35 companies domiciled in East Java and potentially hold a GMS in Surabaya. (res/c14/fal/jpg)


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